na-nax3 asked: don't you dare spoil naruto xD i am waaaayyyy behind. o(╥﹏╥)o

AHHH sorry!! don’t read my tags!!!

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dang i’m excited for naruto for the first time in forever

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filled under:  textpersonalit feels like a legit shounen againnothing unnecessaryjust a good ol finalelots of OP charactersthe 'destined' naruto and sasukenaruto looks beast with his sage chakraand i actually like how sasuke's only difference is his new eyehope there aren't more final forms of madaraand more flashback no jutsusrslyjust keep it simple and goodgai vs madara was great

the hardest question in life is “who ur number one waifu”

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filled under:  textpersonali've triedso many timeseven top 5 is basically impossiblei'm srs thoif someone asked youfor just onecould you even answer???without intense thought i meani think i'd sayalice from snsbut idk manizumi from knk??hana from kangoku gakuen???or nanani from sakurasouimpossible

i am so in love with this girl i’m not even joking i don’t know what to do with myself

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filled under:  textpersonalyou'd think this is a jokebut it ain'thow embarrassing

y’all need to step up to velo’s level

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filled under:  i wanted to show percentagesit doesn't show them when you post crushes right?idkpersonalimagevelozitymonicamnezumuracoalgirlsizutsushipiyox22baddroidheyinterstella

i have almost 800 posts liked that i need to queue

i hate my life

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filled under:  textpersonali don't even want to starti've been running through archives just liking postsvelozitygold

happy easter everybody! jesus loves you :3

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i love 4/20 i smoke so many bowls but i don’t just stop there i smoke cups and mugs and buckets and spoons

i’ve never smoked

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phantm asked: listening to 斬LLLア生LL for the first time since klk hnnnnnngg

i c wat u did der

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bippi18 asked: You exactly sound like me. Don't party or cuss . I have drank one or two alcoholic drinks because I am of legal age and I have never smoked.

mhmm you feel me!! people are totally free to do whatever makes them happy but yeah i guess it’s just not for me (or you)??

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